Advent of Angels

The Hut Boutique is taking part of the 10th Annual Beach Hut Advent Calendar which will run from the 1st-24th December at various huts along Hove Seafront. There will only be one hut open each night. The Hut Boutique will debut on Thursday, December 14th from 17:30 – 18:30 view what Beyond Church said about our hut! 

Advent (Advent means ‘Coming’ in Latin) is the period of four Sundays and weeks before Christmas.

The theme we chose is the “Advent of Angels”. Angels represent many things to people all over the world no matter what faith or background one comes from. With each day within the theme of Angels, we have assigned a tribute of blessings that each Angel we believe to bestow upon us all. Join us for a time of celebration and a day where we will be focusing on the blessings of Empowerment! Be sure to come and learn why!

Mince pies, mulled wine, tables, and refreshments will be served.

The affirmations  we are applying to each day associating with the Angels to bestow blessings are:

Day Blessings Day Blessings
1 Hope 13 Forgiveness
2 Love 14 Empowerment
3 Protection 15 Faith
4 Blessings 16 Unity
5 Prosperity 17 Spirituality
6 Communication 18 Creativity
7 Security 19 Tranquility
8 Healing 20 Respect
9 Success 21 Resilience
10 Courage 22 Determination
11 Confidence 23 Longevity
12 Wisdom 24 Resilience

Why not stop by and learn a bit more why we chose Angels to represent our day of Advent?  Hope to see you soon, but if not have a very Merry Christmas and may all the Blessings of the Angels be bestowed upon you and your loved ones!

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