Your Story…Your Mémoire

Each story is unique and special. Here are some of the shared stories from our visitors at The Hut Boutique.

Everything was brilliant! We had such an amazing time and it was such a fabulous surprise for our friend – Julia,  June, 2018

This was the best idea ever! Thank you so much for making our stay such a memorable day. I loved your creativity and warm welcome you had waiting for us when arrived – Michael, June, 2018

It was great! Everything went smoothly and to plan, she loved every bit of it. Thank you so much for decorating the hut so beautifully it was a massive hit.
– JP, May, 2018

What a cold day to be on the seafront but what a memorable experience! Thank You! Everything was fantastic!
– Kevin, February, 2018

Feedback is you have been a brilliant host and so quick and prompt with replying back to me. You have listened to all my requests and took everything on board to make the beach hut as personal and beautiful as possible for the big surprise. It was so lovely watching the sunset with the doors open. No negatives at all, everything was spot on and will recommend anyone to book with you.
– Ryan, October, 2017

This was a surprise for my boyfriends birthday. The theme was perfect. We traveled all the way from London and it was well worth the trip. Great location, really pleasant and clean, very clean and private. The attention to detail was spot on which really made it even more special!  What a great place to relax in a private and intimate setting on the seafront! A definite recommend! Thank you! xx
– Marissa, September, 2017

I was referred by a friend because I couldn’t think of something more memorable to do for our anniversary. We decided to stay the night at a nearby B&B not far from the seafront. My wife was shocked and didn’t see this coming as we walked to the hut boutique. The theme I picked was a romantic one and it was the most unique thing my wife said I had ever done since we’ve been married, so she’s got to do better next year 🙂 I was sort of like being on a mini holiday, we may be back in the summer.
– Clarl, Kevin, August, 2017

My parents married by the seaside decades ago, so I brought my father to the Hut Boutique after the recent passing of my mother who died of cancer. It was a great place to get away, relax and listen to the sea. My father doesn’t fly anymore so hiring the Hut Boutique was a perfect treat for a day out or stay-cation. I hope to revisit, but for brighter times.
– Janeen, July, 2017

This was a great place to get away for creativity.  The location was excellent because it wasn’t in the middle of the tourist areas along the seafront. There’s plenty of natural scenic shots to be taken making my job easier than anticipated.
– James, June, 2017

I had family from out of town visiting UK for the first time and wanted to impress them with something different and outside of London, so I hired the Hut Boutique. I have to admit that it was a gamble at the time, because I didn’t know if they’d appreciate it being a hut but the way the interior was designed for us made it a show stopper! We ate at the restaurant within walking distance and finished it off with a family gathering at the hut which could’ve gone on for hours. Its been agreed to make it an annual event at the hut!:-)
– Ana, June, 2017

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